Kuang Fang | 廣峰機械

染整機械 | 壓力桶槽 | 食品桶槽 | 鍋爐 | 瓦斯桶 | 風管自動化 | 不銹鋼濾材


  1. Use with various welding methods: TIG Argon welder、CO2 welding machine、 SUBMERGED Arc welding、PLASMAWELDING、laser welding machine。
  2. Machine and auto doffing function can be customized as per requests.
  3. Anti high frequency interference
  4. The machine is labor saving, high productivity, durable and produces stable quality products.


Automobile factory


Customized machines are available.
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自動散熱風片 | 飲水機內膽焊接 | 自動化焊接機械 | 轉盤 | 滾輪 | 鎢棒研磨機

Kuang Fang | 廣峰機械