Kuang Fang | 廣峰機械

染整機械 | 壓力桶槽 | 食品桶槽 | 鍋爐 | 瓦斯桶 | 風管自動化 | 不銹鋼濾材

VCW machine

  • Use with various welding methods: TIG Argon welder、CO2 welding machine、 SUBMERGED Arc welding、PLASMAWELDING、laser welding machine、CO2 welding (MAG, MIG)
  • Special design for round shape objects。
  • Use with pneumatic cylinder/fixture/base turntable/rotary welding gun for quick round object circumference welding(360°)

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    自動散熱風片 | 飲水機內膽焊接 | 自動化焊接機械 | 轉盤 | 滾輪 | 鎢棒研磨機

    Kuang Fang | 廣峰機械